Sunday Hangover

Starts 9/14/14 – All NFL all the time.

 Schedule can be found here or in the drop down box. Note the December 28th & January 18th shows will be tentatively scheduled for the Saturday night before. Those dates may end up being those Sunday mornings.

All times subject to change according to hosts schedules/availability.

No show will be scheduled for the Super Bowl gap week.


Saturday, Sept. 13th @ 8pm

Saturday, Sept. 20th @ 8pm

Sunday, Sept. 28th @ 8am

Sunday, Oct. 5th @ 8am

Sunday, Oct. 12th @ 8am

Sunday, Oct. 19th @ 8am

Sunday, Oct. 26th @ 8am

Sunday, Nov. 2nd @ 8am

Sunday, Nov. 9th @ 8am

Sunday, Nov. 16th @ 8am

Sunday, Nov. 23rd @ 8am

Sunday, Nov. 30th @ 8am

Sunday, Dec. 7th @ 8am

Sunday, Dec. 14th @ 8am

Sunday, Dec. 21st @ 8am

Saturday, Dec. 27th @ 8pm (tentative)

Sunday, Jan. 4th @ 8am

Sunday, Jan. 11th @ 8am

Saturday, Jan. 17th @ 8pm (tentative)



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