Funnel Cake Gang May 28th, 2014

Johnny Las Vegas, Cowboys fan and “ACKL” injuries, Billions of reasons to be wrong, Jordan Hall (Sports Bros.), Evo Jace (Circle of Jerkz!), and Justin Green & Mark Thomas (The Sports Brew) join the show to introduce their shows. With Chris Meinecke and the Silent Interns.


Funnel Cake Gang May 14th, 2014

Ed Issacson from talks roundball draft/lottery, The Rangers did what?, hot (playing) goalies, ballin’ like Hardy in a pile of guns, Sterling doesn’t know as much about nderson Cooper as he seems to think he knows about Magic Johnson, how to talk to your kids about Michael Sam courtesy of Heckbender. With Chris Meinecke and the Night Hawk.

Funnel Cake Gang May 7th, 2014

2014 NFL Draft, Michael Jordan throws soda at white girls, May is masturbation month, a Sterling debate, the fall and rebirth of the running back. With Chris Meinecke, the Night Hawk, David Kososki, and Matt Cassista.


Funnel Cake Gang April 30th, 2014

Shame-ous Winston, Donald not-so-Sterling, Fuck Showey Crawford, What position would you play in the NHL playoff to get mad tail, Mock the Mock Draft 1.0. With Chris Meinecke, the Night Hawk, and Matt Cassista.