Funnel Cake Gang July 24th, 2013

Chris, Night Hawk, Matt; Lyin’ Braun, Neil Sagebiel author of “The Longest Shot” on the hotline, being copied, Peyton Hillis leaching Josh Freeman, NFL field vs. CFL field, Blue Jays wrap up.





Funnel Cake Gang July 17th, 2013

Chris, Night Hawk, David; Michelle Jenneke dance, Royce White “hello no”, MLB All-Star Game, Chach-and-a-Half, Race Lottery, 2nd year QB’s, Belichick’s last year coaching?




The Chris Meinecke Show 10

Chris, Triple Threat; Jonathan “Fail”, the post office sucks, Meta World Peace



Funnel Cake Gang July 10th, 2013

Chris, Night Hawk, David;Tour de Urine, The best secondary in the NFL, Bieber touching the Cup, Bray Wyatt, Pit Spitting, Anna Benson


FCG July 10th, 2013 POD


Funnel Cake Gang July 9th, 2013

Chris, David; LT Jr., Browns fan last wish, Chris Davis, PED suspensions, Hot Dog Masher Brian Read on the hotline, Fall of the Adult Female Cheerleader, Colin Kapernick wearing Dolphins, Phil v. Dwight

FCG July 9th_2013 POD


The Chris Meinecke Show 9

MLB All-Star voting, Yasiel Puig, July 4th, Dwight Howard, NBA free agency, Golden State Warriors, OJ and Paula Deen.


The Chris Meinecke Show 9 POD