Funnel Cake Gang June 26th, 2013

Chris, Night Hawk, David, Matt; YEAH!, Joe Torre’s daughter, Brad Ward from, Jon Gagnon from I Got Next, NHL season wrap-up, Balloon Pop Trivia, Aaron Hernandez arrest, Chach-and-a-Half, Torrey Smith and Patriots fans feud

FCG June 26th_2013 POD


Funnel Cake Gang June 19th, 2013

Chris, Night Hawk; The tourette soundboard, Aaron Hernandez, George Zimmer, Watermelon Oreos, NBA Finals, Jon Gagnon from I Got Next blog on the Hotline, Lebron’s headband, Chach-and-a-Half, Cup Finals

The Chris Meinecke Show 8

Chris discusses why he and Tim Tebow are so similar, Wendy’s frosty wheezing, Doug Gottlieb is a coward, 2013 NBA Finals



Funnel Cake Gang June 12th, 2013

Chris, Night Hawk – Ottawa REDBLACKS,Time Warner Cable still blows, Sinkhole in Arlington, The Chew, Chad Johnson butt slap, Basebrawl, Hank Azaria lineup, Sergio, Spurs/Heat, Cup Finals, Toe Wrestling, Chach-and-a-Half



The Chris Meinecke Show 7

Chris talks NBA Finals with Jon Gagnon of I Got Next blog, Swedish Ice Pole Sitting, PED’s in baseball, Brett Favre



Funnel Cake Gang June 5, 2013

Chris, Night Hawk, Matt, Triple Threat; Jeff Koch joins us from, the father effect, taco licking, Bruce Jenner, MLB pending suspensions, NHL Playoffs, wikifeet, Hot or Not, Chach and a Half


Rundown 6/5

  • Intro


  • Jeff Koch from
  • Vamp with doinkball talk
  • Jon Gagnon from the I Got Next Blog (


  • America’s Whacky Fair Foods
  • Fired for taco licking (Taco Bell)
  • The Atari landfill
  • Bruce Jenner/Kanye
  • Jim Harbaugh vists Judge Judy (Audio)
  • McNabb wants father/son meeting with RG3
  • Tim Tebow’s dad
  • Jamarcus Russell to try out for Bears
  • Victor Cruz reality TV Show
  • Tim Thomas comeback (QUICK)


  •  Rangers/Royals egg throwing, cow milking contest
  • MLB Pending suspensions


  • Hot or Not
  • Stanley Cup conference finals
  • News bitches fighting on air (AUDIO)


  • Krusty Burger/Moe’s now open!
  • Elijah Hood flushes recruitment letters
  • Man bails on wife after bat flies at them (AUDIO)


  • NFL newies???

***BREAK*** quick final

  • Wrap up
  • Outro