Funnel Cake Gang May 29th, 2013

Chris, Night Hawk, David; Bieber/Keyshawn, Baseball umps, Ned Yost, Julie Hermann, Chad Moeller joins the hotline, playoffs, Bucks/Chris Hansen, Peppers Rap, Torts fired



Chad Moeller will be at 6pm. We will do that segment in hour 2 of the show tonight. Here’s the rundown, text me with any add on’s:


  • Bieber/Keyshawn/Dickerson (AUDIO)
  • Brett Lawrie’s sister on twitter
  • Ned Yost part I (“Take off my belt?”)
  • Ned Yost part II (security swarms at Chiefs practice)
  • Umping woes continue (Angels-Royals Tim Welke May 27th, AUDIO)
  • Barry Bonds says Miguel Cabrera “the best but not as good as me”


  • NBA Playoffs
  1. Spurs Advance
  2. Pacers/Heat 2-2
  3. Lebron flops like a bitch, gets disqualified
  4. Vogel vs. Spolstra
  5. Joe Thiesman wants Lebron to play as NFL QB
  • Julie Hermann accused in past, new Rutgers AD


  • Blue Jays Update
  • Chad Moeller
  • Comments, ideas, etc………


  • Jabrill Peppers (Audio)
  • Splitting the Wall
  • Torts fired! (Audio)
  • NHL Ref says he hates “Puck Over The Glass” penalty
  • Blackhawks/ Red Wings game 7
  • Kings advance
  • Breakdowns



  • MJD Charged?
  • Packers throw support behind Johnny Jolly (“Second Chances”)
  • Mike Wallace not bad-mouthing Steelers


  • Nail downs
  • Outro






As of now the plan is to do a pre-record for the interview. I would like to have no more than 3 people asking questions as it can get confusing. I would like set questions, and I told him we’d like between 5 and 10 minutes of his time. I will edit whatever is needed, and the clip will be played during the live show as if it were live. We will likely want to ask a little bit about his playing career and more so about his baseball academy in Arizona since that is more topical.

In the event that I can get a make shift “booth” set to receive his call and patch it through to the main board, we will give it a try.  This would be ideal, but it might take a small miracle between tonight and tomorrow morning. All of that said, I would need someone to “man” that part of it.  It would involve a computer, a small board, headphones, and a mic. You would take the call through Skype, chat with him about who he will be talking to, a bit of what he can expect otherwise, etc. If we truly want LIVE interviews, this is how it’ll have to be done. Besides, it makes it look, sound, and feel more legit.

More to come later…….

May 15th, FCG


Wednesday May 15, 2013


  • Intro
  • Quickies
  1. Surprise Hot Dogs
  2. Laziest cities in U.S.
  3. Facebook Roulette?
  4. New Mavericks Uniform? Mark Cuban is Cheap
  5. Charles Barkley/Skip Bayless
  6. Macklemore pissed at OKC Thunder
  7. JR Smith mocked on Twitter
  • ***BREAK*** ( _______ brings us back – Lumber Liquidators)
  • Brett Favre/Packers
  • Titus Young
  • Balloon Pop Trivia (Horseradish style)
  • ( ________ takes us to break***BREAK***
  • Stanley Cup Playoffs
  1. Bruins/Leafs game
  2. Rangers/Caps
    1. Alex Ovechkin
  3. Etc… (U.S. has “Eagles”, Canada has “Maple Leafs”, What would Mexico have?)
  • Splitting The Wall
  • ***BREAK*** ( ________ brings us back
  • MLB track
  1. Blue Jays Update
  2. Carlos Zambrano
  3. Terry Collins
  • Hot or Not
  • ***BREAK***
  • Wrap Up
  • Outro