October 30th, 2012

• Intro
• Quickies
1. The storms on the east coast

2. Mit Romney thinks everything is going to China (Jeeps? Possible Obama ad audio)

3. Lil’ Wayne scolded by judge for not being court (AUDIO/VIDEO via TMZ)

4. NBA opens up tonight with the Wiz in Cleveland to open v. Cavs; Miami gets their rings with Celtics as opponents; late game is Mavs vs. Lakers at Staples Center

5. Doc Rivers says Lebron and Heat deserve ring ceremony
-“They get to have their day,” Rivers said Tuesday morning. “We had our day and LeBron had to sit and watch that. He’s probably been through several of them, now that I think of it. This time it’s his payback night and he deserves it.”

6. Jim Leyland will return for his 8th season as Tigers manager

7. NHL is ready to cancel the Winter Classic after canceling November games.

• ***BREAK*** – When we come back – World Series wrap up, a little hot stove, NBA tip off

• World Series wrap up
1. Chris was wrong, I said 7 games, thought Tigers would show up, Matt said 5 games – he was closest.
2. Pablo Sandoval MVP
3. Giants role player/bullpen
4. Tigers sluggers/rotation decisions

• Hot Stove
1. Biggest names are Josh Hamilton, Zack Greinke
2. Where do they end up?
3. Other thoughts

• ***BREAK***

• NBA Tip off
1. Games tonight
2. Marquee games
3. Western Conference predictions
4. Eastern Conference predictions
5. Other thoughts

• 9 people charged in youth football gambling and point spread ring
– See printout

• The 49’ers are jive turkey’s??

• Michael Vick
1. Is he still a starter?
2. Is this just an off year?
3. Is Nick Foles really the answer?

• Quick pick for Thursday, Chargers or Chiefs?

• Outro