FCSR August 24th, 2012

Chris; Lance Armstrong, Dodgers/Red Sox trade, breast feeding father, D-Wade & Lebron, Jim Irsay, Laser Clinic, Roger Goodell

FCSR August 24th, 2012


FCSR August 16th, 2012

Chris, Double D, Davey K; Melky Cabrera, Davey K sings Ricky Martin, low carb bread, Tebow is God, NFL replacement refs

FCSR August 16th, 2012



FCSR August 12th, 2012

Chris; Olympic basketball, MLB races, NFL pre-season, This Day in Sports History

FCSR August 12th, 2012


FCSR August 9th, 2012

Chris, The Bad Baby, The Night Hawk; Toronto Bills, fantasy football mock draft, insult mock draft, William David-Laser Clinic

FCSR August, 9th 2012


FCSR Live from Cleveland

Chris live from Cleveland with a special edition of FCSR.

FCSR Live from Cleveland


FCSR August 2nd, 2012

Chris and Double D; Olympics, crazy ump

FCSR August 2nd, 2012